One Response to This Too-Close Presidential Race

Some have said that education is the line. That those who don’t have enough of it, voted for him. That they lack those critical thinking skills. And I think of our children’s schools–the ones with no books and few teachers, the ones with weapon-checks and barred windows. The schools that get little money, so that some of our children aren’t taught the same skills that some of our other children are, and then are viewed as inherently lesser. The schools in the neighborhoods where half the country doesn’t want to live. The neighborhoods that are neglected–or worse–kept as is, intentionally. And I’m wondering how many of the parents in these neighborhoods graduated from college. And I’m thinking most of these voters in these neighborhoods who have been perennially neglected and abused by The United States of America, who don’t have the luxury of having a college degree for a myriad of specific, systemic and intentional reasons, did not vote for Trump. And I’m thinking that the line isn’t education. I’m thinking that the line is a color, and as many white voters sit in shock, again, at the number of people who would vote for this person, I’m thinking that this outcome is no great wonder to most Black Americans.