Free Verse

“Transformation” and “Atheist.” Adanna. Forthcoming, Fall 2021.

“I think of you in past tense,” Spillway. Forthcoming, 2021.

“Cancer.” Drunk Monkeys. Forthcoming, 2021.

Absent.” Verdad. Spring 2021.

Prose Poems

MFA Introductions.” Pithead Chapel. August 2021.

Apartment Move #4″ and “Apartment Move #5.” Chiron Review. Spring 2021.

Uncle” and “Glass Ceiling.” Revolution (Relaunch). May 2020.

Phoenix.” Honorable Mention. TulipTree’s Wild Women Contest. May 2020.

GED.” Juke Joint Magazine. March 2020 Issue.


“My Christian Mother Is a Racist.” Northwest Review. Volume 50, Issue 3, Spring/Summer 2021.