Flash is Fast


Um, it happened again–before today, even. It happened days ago: Another story was not only accepted but already published. This one is called “Pier Boys,” and it appears in Dark Matter Journal. I sent it out, and two days later it was accepted. This editor did what the other one did: He quickly put it in an issue he was getting ready to publish.

I’m doing something special–for me, special for me–with these stories. I’m not ready to talk about it yet. It’s all happening so fast. I have a feeling that two more pieces I wrote on the bus and the ferry are soon to be published as well. I don’t mean to sound arrogant. And no, I don’t know anything for sure by any means. Maybe years will go by before another piece gets attention. But I think I’m tapping into a few internal and external things that are coming together at the right time. That’s all. That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

The first story that was accepted, “Buffalo Girls,” will be out next week. Be ready for more weirdness.

Flash is Back


My flash-fiction test has produced results: an acceptance. Perhaps such immediate encouragement will never happen again; however, I’m going to take that encouragement and raise it. I’m placing another bet on the table. It’s about chance and skill and not much more than that. Art, yes, there’s gotta be art in this game, but that’s a given.

My story was strange, and I loved writing it: art and skill.

I found an editor who happened to be of like mind: chance and skill.

I’m writing another piece of flash: art and skill and chance.

I’m on a roll. It’s in the moment. The moment is all there is. A story can lock a moment into place. Flash is especially good at that.