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Thea’s New Lit Journal: Club Plum


So excited to announce my new literary journal, Club Plum.  Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Send me astounding flash fiction. Send me dreamy art. You will be loved and among a select few. I will publish only remarkable pieces, or I will publish nothing. 

Come to the house party.

Atticus Reviews Mars


Alice Y. Lu at Atticus Review likes my collection, Mars. Read her beautiful review.



Ferry Men

Ferry Man

Read “Ferry Men” in the Spring 2018 issue of The Broke Bohemian.

Orphans and Daughters


See where the daughters went in Literary Orphans.

Daughters Find a Home

spit waterOrphans are everywhere, but some are found and offered shelter. Literary Orphans rescued “Disowned Daughters” with their mood-loving arms and placed them into their welcoming, literary home. See my story in the next issue. See other orphans in issues already thriving.

Peeking at Mars

Mars Cover

Behold: the cover of my forthcoming flash-fiction collection from Ravenna Press. Squeal! Publication date TBA.

“Madonna Girls” in MAR


MAR Cover and MG TeaserYou don’t even know. This issue of Mid-American Review is unforgettable. You don’t even know.